climax Dacron Black 40daN/85lbs

climax ockert
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DACRON Black Line
100m-500m (see options)
from £8.45
If you order multiple spools of 100m and you require the line in one continuous length, please tick the box.  

100m just fit on a 15cm reel
200-300m require a 20cm or 25cm reel
400-500m are best put on a 25cm or 33cm reel 
climax Lines by Ockert Germany
This is one of Europe's most popular high quality braided kite line for single line kites.
You can find line and kite accessories (i.e. reels and ball bearing swivels) in Kite Line Accessories.
Strength: 40daN/85lbs

Length: from 100m - 500m
Colour: white with black fleck

Note for longer length:
40daN can usually be supplied from stock up to 500m.

To allow for greater flexibility spools come supplied on continously connected 100m spools.
Once wound out you have a continous length of up to 500m - No joints!!
If for example you require 300m/1000ft in in one length, order 300m or 3x100m but indicate CONTINOUS.
If you need individual spools only order 2x100m 03 3x 100m

You require a custom length of kite line?  Please get in touch for availability and waiting time.
DACRON is a braided and durable line that has better qualities for kite flying than plain Nylon or Polyester lines.

DACRON line has just the right amount of  stretch to take out sudden gusts that otherwise could damage your kite.

Not suitable for 2 and 4 line stunt, sport or power kites. See other line sections for options.