How do I know that EMKAY Kites4U has received my order?

How do I know that you got my order?

Globe Charge/Santu that handles the secure order transmission will send an automated order confirmation to you.
They do not process payment or handle the order like Amazon would!!!   We do.
We are a small business and manage everything ourselves.

You can track the status of your order by following the link in the email. In addition we manually update this as we work on your order. Don't panic if after 5 minutes nothing has changed.
In most cases you will also receive an email or Text message realting to your order.
We try our best to communicate as much as possible so you know what goes on. 
But please keep in mind that we are a small business and not AMAZON.

Human bodies here at EMKAY Kites process your order and take payment.

Gremlins can upset our workflow or cause other issues. Unless we have notified you on our website or during checkout that we are closed for a short time, please get in touch if your order status has not been changed after 2 days.