Ultra Foil 15

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Ultra Foil 15 by Into the Wind.
KAP Foil and Lifter

4m tail included
Span 91cm x 142cm
Wind Bft 2-6
Line not included - Use climax DACRON 65daN

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 its uniquely vented design, the UltraFoil 15 has a very wide wind range. In light winds, its tall airfoils get more lift. The lower vents aid in initial inflation and the upper vents relieve pressure. In strong winds, the dynamic trailing edge vent opens to release a stabilizing jet of air. A high angle flier with good, consistent pull, it's perfect for Kite Arial Photography and lifting Line Laundry. Made of ripstop nylon, it needs no assembly and has nothing to break.
Ray Merry also known for the design of the famous Flexifoil Stacker. We have a few of these also in stock. Please Ask.


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Further to my previous review
Review this item:
This is a very well-made kite, far superior in finish to similar types elsewhere. It is also very attractive, and most importantly, it flies extremely well. This is the easiest-to-launch parafoil-type kite I have flown (out of many) and is very stable in the air. It's ideal for anyone wanting to lift a camera or some \line laundry\" or just for fun flying. Well done the designers for the concept and ITW for making it to such a high standard."
Review this item:
Further to my previous review, I have to add that this kite quickly became my favorite to take everywhere, knowing that it would always be reliable and so light and easy to carry. Unfortunately, someone else took a liking to it and its portability, too, and it was stolen from the beach while I was packing up other kites. \ \ I've just about given up the possibility of getting it back, so it looks as if I shall have to order another. Be warned, this is a popular kite - if you have one, keep an eye on it!