I can't add an item to my basket ...

I want to purchase an item from your webshop but can't add it to the shopping basket.

Sadly we can't have all kites always in stock. If an item is displayed but you can't add it to the basket it might not be in stock.
Please eMail us your interest with product name, code (and options) and we inform you if we can order it for you and how long you might have to wait.
You never know it might already have arrived in stock before we have a chance to update the webshop.

The same is true for items you might have seen elsewhere. Just let us know what you are looking for.

We supply kites form most manufactuers.

See a list below:

  • Colours In Motion
  • HQ Invento
  • Elliot
  • Climax Kite Lines
  • Premier Kites
  • Brookites
  • Wolkenstuermer
  • Spiderkites
  • Knoop
  • Spitfire Kites / Phoenix
  • and a few others