Do you give advice?

I am not sure about a product or the order and delivery procress.

We are known for no-nonsense, professional advice and after sales support.
We promote sensible kiting and do not suggest or sell you something that is not adequate for you.

To get advice please send a quick email or see in contacts us other ways.
But sometimes it is best to pick up the phone and talk rather than exchanging time consuming eMails.
Sadly Manni Kluge, who will answer your request, has teaching commitments and will not be able to always answer the phone straight away. Leave a message with name and number or text or email Manni @ or any other email link from within this site and he will call you back usually within the hour.

EMKAY provides you with professional advice and after sales service if required. Please get in touch if you have any type of question. We do our best that you do not end up with an unsuitable or not fit for the purpose kite or unnecessary accessories. Remember all our kites are branded and come from reputable European or US suppliers and manufacturers that like us have a reputation to protect. Unlike many other no-name kites out there, we supply well designed and high quality products that fly and last a long time if treated well.