Dan Leigh Little Bear Hot

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Dan Leigh Kites made by Into The Wind.

This kite is available on special order only.
Please email for details.

Very stable flyer that requires little wind. A great kite for falconry.

Little Bear an easy to launch and fly Dan leigh kite with plenty of pull.
Great overhead flight charcateristics the Little Bear is very popular with falconers.
Designed to obsorb gust and remain stable in all wind conditions.

195cm x 119cm
Icarex sail
Carbon and fibreglass frame
Weight 240g
Wind Bft 0.5 - 3 / 2 -12mph

Line not included - Use 25daN-40daN climax Dacron line

The falconer’s choice
The most passionate and accomplished delta designer in the world, Dan Leigh’s high-aspect ratio deltas fly at amazingly high angles. Unsurpassed for all-around flying ability, they’re so good that people have been willing to wait up to a year to get one. Dan has been making them all himself and says: “If you can’t wait, please don’t order!” After 20 years of waiting for his kites, we’re working together and making his kites in China. We’ve upgraded the sails to ½-oz. Icarex polyester and updated the graphics, to make them look as good as they fly. Please note: all of Dan’s kites have shipping lengths over 42” and can’t be shipped to most international addresses. An amazing kite, it literally leaps from your hand into the sky. Very popular with falconers, the Little Bear flies like an eagle and pulls like a bear. Its clipped wings develop more lift and its balloon keel prevents stalling during lulls.