Dan Leigh Whirlwind

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Dan Leigh Kites made by Into The Wind.

This kite is available on special order only.
Please email for details.

Very stable flyer that requires little wind. A great kite for KAP and falconry.

Little Bear’s big brother makes a beautiful sky anchor.
With the same overhead flight and even more lift than the Little Bear, the Whirlwind is popular with falconers and aerial photographers.

254cm x 110cm
Icarex sail
Carbon and fibreglass frame
Weight 240g
Wind Bft 0.5 - 4 / 2 -16mph

Line not included - Use 25daN-40daN climax Dacron line

Dan Leigh's Deltas are one of the best if not the best kites to use for falconry or Kite Aerial Photography.
His kites are extreme stable flyers over a wide windrange and manage to obsorb gusts without a problem. The secret is in the design and the fine balance of materials used.   
Dan used to just make his kites in Wales, but due to popular demand Into The Wind now procudes a rangeof his kites under license.