Do you accepy PAY PAL

I like to pay by PayPal.
Why do I not see any PayPal click to buy buttons?

If you have no other option we can accept PayPal.
For various reasons (mainly due to exessive high charges to us as a business) it is NOT our preferred method. 

Unlike many other businesses that accept PAYPAL we do not have an automated click through to PAYPAL service. Why?

As sometimes cost needs adjusting manually (especially for overseas deliveries) and or specialist products might sell out or need to be ordered in, we do not have an automated click through to PayPal to prevent you from paying the wrong amount or an item that is no longer or not yet in stock or we can't deliver to your destination. With a click through payment we would be no longer in control of the payment process.

If you want to use PAYPAL, please select  Pay Upfront during checkout and put PayPal in the "comments to us" box.. We will send you a request for payment  by email. 
Sorry about the way we handle this, but we hope that this does not cause you any problems. After all, we are only a quick eMail or Text away from any enquiry you might have regarding this.